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Spring Machines

Model: GX - 40

14 Axes Computerized Spring Formers 1.0 - 4.0 mm

1.0 - 4.0 mm


GX Series Computerized Spring Formers


The GX-series all servo machines are designed to increase performance and features over traditional machines. We seek to build machines that will satisfy your needs at an affordable price.


Design Goals

In addition to standard features found on a spring machine, the GX-series machine features versatile top servo slide with up and down, side to side motion. Couple this slide with servo rotary coiling tool or servo spinner, this machine simplifies and replaces many complex tooling found on a standard spring machines. The standard 7 servo slides with swing feature increases machine capability by allowing you to produce complex springs and wire forms.


Machine Features

  • Top slide with up and down, left and right motion to increase machine capability and reduce setup complexity, especially for an extension spring.
  • 7 servo controlled slides, each slide may move independently or in synchronized motion with other slides.
  • Servo swing slide axis eliminates slide tilt adjustment and tilts tools away from the wire line up to ±9°.
  • High quality, stable and precise spring production using European servo control system, digital servo drive and gearbox.
  • Home point may be set at any position using absolute servo control. Home position may be set or modified at any time, even after tools are placed on the machine.
  • 15 inch touch screen panel for machine control and programming
  • Remote connection may be used to transfer digital data with ethernet communication.
  • Windows XP operating system for flexibility and short learning curve.
  • Computer software was developed exclusively for spring machines. It is user friendly, easy to learn and operator can easily edit spring programs.


Standard Axes

GX series machines are equipped with 14 axes:

●Servo Wire Feed axis

●Servo Rotary Wire axis

●Servo Rotary Quill axis

●7 Servo Slide axes

●Swing Slide axis

●Top Slide up/down axis

●Top Slide left/right axis

●Rotary Coiling Point axis


Optional Axes

  • Up to 2 Servo Spinners
  • Servo Wire Cutter


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  • Specification

Model Number

GX - 40

Wire Diameter

1.0 - 4.0 mm

0.0394 – 0.158 in.

Wire Feed Speed

110 m/min

361 ft./min

Spring Index


Power Requirements/Consumption



Depth  / Length








94.84 in.


3580 kg

7894 lbs

Please note that this specification will be changed without previous notice.


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Spring Machine Company

NuCoil Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 as a company specialized in ancillary equipment for the spring industry such as wire decoilers and conveyor ovens. NuCoil also exported spring machinery that are made in Taiwan. In 1994, NuCoil reached a milestone as it began to design and manufacture CNC spring machinery. In 1995, NuCoil received numerous patents from USA, Germany and Taiwan. NuCoil dedicates to satisfy spring manufacturers’ demand for high quality spring machinery at affordable prices. We stress the importance in selecting high quality components. Motors, gearbox, electronics…etc. have been selected, scrutinized and tested for their quality and reliability. In short, we build machinery with world-class components to bring you world-class machines.

spring machines/spring making machine/wire forming machine